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A medical countermeasure company with its flagship product focused on the treatment of sulfur mustard induced skin injuries.

Our Team

DermDefense Inc. has assembled a high-level team of professionals to assure the success of the SM-1997 project as it moves through the FDA approval process. The DermDefense team is working with key governmental experts within the chemical and biological community of the U.S. government. We have gained top-level support from agencies who recognize the value of SM-1997 due to its key benefits: it is effective and affordable, and its spray-on application method makes it easy to apply.

Our Road to the Future

Our mission and future vision are to consistently deliver a high-quality, countermeasure product for the heinous historical and 21st-century chemical warfare agent, sulfur mustard. The road to this future begins with FDA approval of SM-1997.

Sulfur Mustard Hotspots

The Germans first used sulfur mustard against the British during World War I during the battle of Flanders, near Ypres, Belgium, in 1917.

Sulfur Mustard was used by the Allies in 1918.

Sulfur mustard was used by the Italians in Ethiopia in 1936.

SM was used in the Iran-Iraq War in 1984–1988 and by Iraq against its Kurdish minority in Halabjah in 1988 (Black et al. 1993b; Budiansky 1984).

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